Young's Lakeshore RV Resort

1601 Lakeshore Dr.
Hot Springs, Arkansas

From US 70/270 MLK to McLeod St.

exit # 3 to 1601 Lakeshore Drive


Young's Lakeshore RV Resort offers up plenty of space for RVer's.  In Hot Springs, Arkansas city limits and on Lake Hamilton. Just minutes from Oaklawn Racing and Casino, Hot Springs National Park, and Historic District.



Complete Park Rules 2022


1. Your site rent includes water, electricity, sewer, and wireless Internet.


Please pay on time, or we will evict you. Your RV site utility rental is for one month only (no extended contracts). The rent is due on the date you first paid. We advise you to protect your electronics with a surge protector. If you use an additional plug, we add $25 to your rent.


2. Your monthly agreement is for two (2) people only. You must inform the office if you have a guest or have long-term guests. Unregistered guests cannot hang out at your camper or site if you are not present. Up-charge of $75.00 a mo. for ea. person over the first two (regardless of age).


3. Quiet Hours are from 10 P.M. till 7 A.M. except on holidays from 11 P.M. -7 A.M. Please be considerate of your neighbor: no outdoor music or loud talk at any time. We are a seasonal park, not a recreational park: NO Drunks Police will be called and you will be evicted. Your children (16 & under) and any guest visiting children must have supervision and an adult present with children at all times. No children under 16 are allowed to operate a vehicle.


4. In Hot Springs, water use determines our sewer charges. Water leaks, even drips, can be costly. Ask about washing RV or Cars (no using water for pools or child play without permission). Ask about any extra water usage.


5. Restricted animals are Doberman, Rottweiler, or Pit Bulls, American Bullies, and American bulldogs, and all clench bite breeds. Leashed, walked, and picked up after—pets outside only if you are with them at all times or eyes on them from inside. Pets must not bark to the distraction of their neighbor.


6. You can keep a boat and trailer on your site. All vehicles must be kept in your area between service polls. Please do not infringe on your neighbor's RV site or the driveways? If you or your guest block an adjoining RV site and we cannot get a camper in, we will have the car boat or truck towed at the owner of the vehicle's expense.


7. Your RV site must be kept neat and free of non-camping items. You can have up to two under-camper storage in neutral or dark-colored plastic bins.


8. Your RV and vehicles must be clean and in good repair.


9. Not responsible for accidents. Your RV's and vehicles must be insured.




If you lose your copy of these rules, you can see them at at the Rules tab.


I, the undersigned, have read & agree to abide by the rules.


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